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Portable Emp generators

Portable 315 jammers  434-868mhz blocker car remote control jammer is a very high powered 315/433/868MHz jammer   that will disable all car remote control signals  in all 315/433~434/866~868 band. Two models are available.  Compared with others of 800mW to 1W in the market. the output power can reach 4 watt. Battery capacity is 7800mA.

PORTABLE Fish Table Emp generator

Specifications: •TOTAL: 4.1 W •Jamming range : Radius Up 5 to 20 Meters •Affected FrequencyRanges: -4G Low 790-880MHz 0.5W -GSM900 920-965MHz 0.6W -2G DCS 1800-1880MHz 0.5W -3G UMTS 2100-2170MHz 0.5W -WiFi 2300-2500MHz 0.5W -4G High 2620-2690MHz 0.5W -GPS L1 1575.42 0.5W -Remote Control 433MHz or Lojack 173MHz or GPS L2 05W •Work time: 80 minutes […]

Mini Emp emp jammer generator

Mini Emp emp jammer generator Product Description Product introduction: Power source: 9V square battery in series Working voltage: 27V Working mode: 56MHZ direct frequency Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external [non removable] Instrument color: Black Instrument power: 20W Power switch: push button switch Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink

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