Newly UAV emp jammer generator Individual Soldier Drone

Newly UAV emp jammer generator Individual Soldier Drone

Product Description 

Output Power:30W

Power supply model: Built-in battery 24V, 15A(could full power working 60 minutes)

frequency: Drone flight control frequency and positioning system

Frequency      Output        Blocking target

GPS                10W             GPS

2.4                 10W             2.4G flight control

5.8                 10W             5.8G Figure the flight control and Beidou navigation system

Power consumption: 90W

Shielding range: More than radius 1000meters

Physical Properties

Dimension(L*H*W): 880*400*230mm

Humidity: 5%-95%

Operation Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃

Weight: 6.8KG

Packing Standard

Main engine carton box

Gun ejector specialized protection box

Cable carton box

Charger carton box


Prison safety protection

Prison Routine safety protection

Research confidentially safety protection

Government, administritive protection

Minitary base confidentially protection

RF interference any kind of low altitude flight

Drone GFSK control the signal

Specialized to control low

Altitude flight drone

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