EMP Máy Phát Điện EMP JAMMER Cho Khe Cắm Máy

EMP Máy Phát Điện EMP JAMMER Cho Khe Cắm MáyEMP Máy Phát Điện EMP JAMMER Cho Khe Cắm Máy


850/900/1800/1900 Quad band

Easy voice instructing function

Wide for voltage inpute rang:9-42V DC

Check location via Cho Khe Cắm Máy

Built-in vibration sensor ,thefproof

Tele-cut off petrol or electricity) function

Voice monitor function

Alarm when the power supply is disconnected intentionally(with backup battery)


Main Functions:

*Real-time tracking

*Movement/speeding alarm

*Power failure alarm


*ACC detection

*Tracking fuel

*Remote voice monitoring (call to obtain address information)

*Wide voltage9-42V

*Insert sim card can use, do not need complex Settings

*The platform supports 11 languages



Getting Started

Please follow below instructions for ensuring safe and correct use.


4.1 Install the Cho Khe Cắm Máy

Place the Cho Khe Cắm Máy card into the device with the gold-colored side facing down.


Note: Make sure there is enough credit on the Cho Khe Cắm Máy card. 

If you will be using the GPRS function, you should pay attention to the current Cho Khe Cắm Máy charge. 


4.2 Install the device

You need to choose somewhere that it won’t be found, because the whole point of fitting covert Cho Khe Cắm Máy vehicle tracker is the secrecy element.

Installation please refers to below picture.


1. Any high power devices such as reversing radar, anti-theft device or communication equipment would affect the signal of the device.


2. All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device.

 It’s simply due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case.


Package Contents:

1xTK200 Cho Khe Cắm Máy tracker

1xCho Khe Cắm Máy Antenna


1xUser Manual 

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