High Power emp emp jammer generators

High Power emp emp jammer generators

●  Each unit can jam up to six frequency bands simultaneously.

●  For the cellular phone jamming, only making the interference to the downlink bands,never to the uplink and make sure BTS normal running.

●  Special Waterproof and solid housing for all weather protection.

●  Continuous operation, even in hot climates, with no time limit.

●  Heat sink designing combing with the fans to make system in a cooling status.

●  Secure design to avoid sabotage.

●  (VSWR) circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out in case of antenna short circuiting or disconnection.

●  Antenna type options, directional or omni-directional antennas option.

●  Adjust the output power of the jamming modules.

●  ON/OFF each modules or device separately.

●  Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.

●  UPS and battery backup in case of mains power failure.

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