Generador EMP, JAMMER para máquina de ranura

Generador EMP, JAMMER para máquina de ranura

1. Introduction:

    This product is based on JAMMER para máquina de ranura and máquina de ranura satellite positioning system, máquina de ranura messaging, or mutual contact via the remote target for positioning or monitoring, is the most technologically advanced máquina de ranura and máquina de ranura double positioning, water level can reach IPX-6.    

Product advantages

1, a powerful magnet + waterproof, can be attached to the car in real time tracking.

2. A variety of ways to implement Track: provide free monitoring center software, world map, computer real-time tracking; phone inquiries maps; GOOGLE EARTH track.

3, power saving mode

4, tiny size, size: 146 * 64 * 17mm (1.8 * 2.5 * 0.65inch), weight 40 grams, integrated design (built-in antenna and battery), easy to hide, easy to carry.

5, with the support of no location server conditions Location: You can check real-time latitude and longitude / time / speed, use of public map software, you can check real-time location information by manually entering latitude and longitude

6. If the target you are inquiries into the underground parking lot or other GPS blind area, the tracker will report your location information of the target last to be targeted.

7, the regularly scheduled time tracking.

8, authorization number to add / delete function.

9, has a hidden alarm.

10, the electronic fence can be set to a fixed area, beyond the fixed area, the alarm.

11. Movement alert: When the tracker fortification staying down, once the shift can be alert to the authorized numbers.

12, speed alarm: You can set the target to be monitored by a certain speed, exceeding this speed can be alert.

13, low battery alarm function.

14. The long standby

15. Waterproof and dustproof

Technical parameters

1, máquina de ranura chip: SIRF3 chip
2. Number of Channels: 20 parallel channel
3. Sensitivity: -159dBm
4. Accuracy: 5 m
5. Positioning time: cold start / hot start time 35/1 sec
6, car charger (12V input, 5V output); charger (110-220V input, 35V output)
7, rechargeable / replaceable lithium battery

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