Hot emp jammer generator

– Two gears can not be used at the same time or it will get burned
– Charging: 3 holes are charged separately. Each hole is charged for about 30 minutes one by one. When all three holes are charged, the whole battery is fully charged. When the indicator light of the charger, green light, is off, it means that it is fully charged
– Pay attention to the use time: do not use it for more than 10 seconds each time. Use it for 3 times continuously. Take 20-30 seconds to cool down the instrument. Prevent it from burning out due to high temperature

The EMP Generator produces a high-frequency electromagnetic wave field. An energy-saving lamp around the generator induces electromagnetic waves and generates an electric current. When the electric energy is sufficient, the bulb will light up.

PS: There is no guarantee that the energy-saving lamp will work. If it is on, it proves that the meter is working.

– Frequency: 150MHZ
– Working voltage: DC 36V
– Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna
– Power supply voltage: DC 36V
– Charging time: 1.5 hours in total
– Charger: input110-220 VAC
– Built-in rechargeable battery

Package Included:
– 1 x Set of EMP Generator

– Intermittent work (one click). Cannot work continuously.
– There are not many machines that can be scored. Try more machine location.

Test Before Use:
The EMP generator can light up an efficient bulb without power on. When the instrument is close to the luminous tube part of the lamp, and the lamp will light up, indicating that the quality of the instrument is good. It can be used for related tests. Do not touch the transmitter power coil of the instrument, otherwise the power will be reduced and affect the use of the instrument.

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