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Features: he whole battery is fully charged Green. When the indicator light of the charger, green light, is off, it means that it is fully charged Pay attention to the use time: do not use it for more than 10 seconds each time. Use it for 3 times continuously. Take 20-30 seconds to cool down […]

slot machine emp jammer hack

This jammer is used in slot games to make it easier to get win rates and points, even coins 850MHz Pulse Generator High Frequency Electromagnetic Waves Emp Kit with Charger Coin Machine Game LAMP Emp Phone Generator Electromagnetic Wave Pulse Dual Frequency Wireless Pulse Coil Tesla High Power Transmitter Emp Mhz Generator Dual Frequency Wireless […]

Jammer kwh meter

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Multi Frequency EMP generator Classic style

This EMP generators for europe for : single slot machine, line slot machines, roulette slot machine coin type, paper type, type of lottery, the European machine, 3D animal, 3D racing Description That a Classic style EMP Jammer which popular used on the market many years Product introduction: Working voltage: 37.8V Working mode: 320-580MHZ pulse Antenna […]

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