Jammer No.28

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Power supply:9 high power lithium battery pack
Working voltage:37.8V
Working mode: direct frequency+[30HZ-50HZ] 650MHZ mixing frequency
Antenna pattern:Built-in high-precision high-frequency transmitter coil
Instrument color:Black
Instrument size:90X48X23mm
Instrument power:65W
Power switch:Double
Cooling mode:Specific heat sink+Thermostatic power switch

1. High-density and high-power voltage doubler transmitting coil, more stable performance
2. Imported transistors, more powerful and strong penetration.


Frequency change modes:
Switch 1:Direct frequency 50HZX650MHZ
Switch 2:Flash frequency 500-600MHZ


Charging time:
It is already fully charged, please do not charge after receiving this product. First charge after use 2~3 days, charge time is 30 minutes, please do not charge for a long time to avoid damage to the battery.


Using instructions:
Please turn switch 1 or switch 2 to “ON”,adjust the corresponding speed according to the situation of the game machine.

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